What’s going on at the table in other universities?

I asked this question to librarians who follow the CAUT-Librarians list serv. Here are some responses:

In 2011, Guelph tried to negotiate a minimum librarian complement in view of the fact that they have successfully negotiated very enviable DOEs (Distribution of Effort). At Guelph, the DOE for librarians is: 70% professional service, and 30% Scholarly and Academic Service.

In 2011, York tried to negotiate increased vacation leave for librarians, above the 22 days allocated to all members and faculty. The employer made an offer that YUFA rejected. They successfully negotiated workload releases in addition to 22 days of research leave per year, for ongoing research projects or teaching activities.

In 2011, Brandon attempted to negotiate 12 annual research days for librarians.  They were able to negotiate a minimum of 5 days per year and language that acknowledges that 5 days is not adequate to satisfy the expectations for research / scholarship among librarian members.

In an ongoing effort to render parallel librarians and faculty members, in 2011, the major issue had to do with the number of librarians ranks and the number of steps in each rank as compared to faculty. At U Saskatchewan, there are 4 ranks with 7 steps per rank for librarians whereas faculty have 3 ranks and 6 steps per rank. This means that it will take librarians 24 years to achieve the top rank and salary as compared to 18 years for faculty members. The employer responded that 4 ranks is within the ‘norm’ for academic libraries across Canada and was not willing to negotiate this point.

Wilfred Laurier:
WLU does not have major librarian issues currently; people are fairly happy with language in most areas.

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