StatsCan discontinues survey of full-time PSE teaching staff

News Date:  May 7, 2012

Statistics Canada released Thursday its final issue of “Salaries and Salary Scales of Full-time Teaching Staff at Canadian Universities,” as the agency has discontinued its Full-time University and College Academic Staff System. “This is very disturbing news,” writes University Affairs blogger Léo Charbonneau, as the survey tracked much more data than just professor salaries. Among the information collected, he notes, were gender, age, department, principal subject taught, salary and administrative stipends, unpaid leave, citizenship, and province or country of degrees earned. Charbonneau also points out that StatsCan’sEducation Matters publication has been discontinued as well. The Canadian Association of University Teachers has written to Industry Minister Christian Paradis urging him “to reconsider this ill-conceived decision.” CAUT states in its letter that “it is particularly ironic that this decision has been made at precisely the same time as it is widely recognized that knowledge and education are one of the key building blocks for long-term and sustainable growth.” Margin Notes (University Affairs blog) | CAUT Letter



Anyone who has been in collective bargaining knows how important these data are. This is not only a blow to PSE generally, but a direct assault on collective bargaining in the PSE sector.

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