Workplace speech

I am linking to an old (2009) article here written by Toni Samek because the issue of library / information worker workplace speech has come up so frequently in the last month or so. LAC workers are afraid to speak out against the budget cuts and modernization plan for fear of losing their jobs, even the Friends group of the LAC are afraid to speak out for fear of losing their space in the LAC building. Recently, the Master of Ceremonies at the Archives Association of Ontario Conference in Toronto signed a disclosure to not “represent” his employer, and similarly the Executive Director of CARL only agreed to speak at the ABC copyright conference as a citizen and not as the Director of CARL.  The piece reminds us to ask the question “Without freedom of speech in the library workplace, can our librarians be effective advocates for everyone else’s intellectual freedom?”


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Library Workplace Speech, a modern irony! 

The Push for Library Workplace Speech by Toni Samek
On June 26, 2005, the American Library Association (ALA) adopted a precedent-setting Resolution on Workplace Speech. It concludes: “Libraries should encourage discussion among library workers, including library administrators, of non-confidential professional and policy matters about the operation of the library and matters of public concern within the framework of applicable laws.” Read whole article here.

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