Fair Employment Week – October 22 to 26, 2012

From the CAUT website:

The overuse and exploitation of contract academic staff is one of the biggest challenges facing the academic profession. That’s why CAUT has joined with a coalition of organizations, unions and activists across the US, Canada and Mexico to organize Fair Employment Week. The goals of the Week are:

  • to raise contingent academic labour issues nationally and locally in media and policy circles, and
  • to stimulate organizing and support local collective bargaining initiatives.

FEW is a highly decentralized and flexible campaign. The uniting theme of fairness for contract academic staff is sufficiently general to allow academic staff associations to focus on the issue or issues most relevant to them, and to hold events appropriate to their situation. In previous years, the campaign has had a positive impact on negotiations. It has also helped increase contract academic staff involvement in faculty associations.

Visit the CAUT site regularly for ideas, information and materials. You can also check out the website for the US campaign (known as Campus Equity Week) at http://www.campusequityweek.org/

Questions about the campaign, or interested in getting involved? Contact Robert Johnson or (613) 820-2270 ext 193.

Be mindful also of the temporary staff at our own university and specifically in the library. There have been several instances in the past months of contracts that are specifically in contravention of our Collective Agreement. APUO members have a responsibility to ensure that our colleagues, whether or not they are APUO members, are treated fairly. It is also important to consider how we are affected by the use of temporary labour.


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