Senate Meeting, November 5th, 3:00-5:00 p.m.

UPDATE: The Senate voted to pass the resolution at the Senate, pending some changes to the text submitted for Senate by-laws. These changes will be tabled at the next meeting. Elections can follow shortly thereafter.


On today’s Senate Meeting agenda is the motion to include librarian representation on the University of Ottawa Senate. If you’d like to witness this historic event, you are free to attend Senate – this time as an observer, not a member – today at 3 p.m. in the Senate chamber in Tabaret Hall.

I would like to thank Professor Jean-Daniel Jacob, who proposed the resolution to include librarians on the U of O Senate.

For those of you who don’t remember or weren’t at U of O when the resolution was sent to librarians and presented at September’s Library Council, here is the text:


To modify the composition of the Senate of the University of Ottawa to include a position for an academic librarian

  • Librarians are not currently represented on Senate unlike their faculty peers;
  • Librarians directly participate in the academic support of students, researchers and academic programs;
  • Librarians are embedded in the academic lives of students throughout their time at the University of Ottawa;
  • The library and librarians support academic extension programs in the community;
  • Librarians identify and acquire primary sources of information for research;
  • Librarians want to officially contribute to the academic discussions and affairs of their university;


That a seat on the Senate will be created for an academic librarian who will represent academic librarians at the University of Ottawa.


Librarians play an integral role in the pursuit, dissemination and structuring of knowledge at the University of Ottawa. They have an important teaching responsibility and are also responsible for acquiring, preserving and providing access to research resource in all formats. In most Canadian universities, librarians have both a right and a duty to participate in collegial governance of the academic institution and are eligible to serve as elected or appointed members on all governing councils and committees. The work of the library can be enhanced for both student and researcher through the effective participation of librarians in collegial governance. Because the library is involved in all aspects of the university’s core missions of research and teaching, librarians should be represented on any committee whose decisions affect access to information resources used in teaching, scholarship and research including the Senate.

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