Canadian Museum of History Public Consultation in Gatineau

On January 31, 2013, the Canadian Museum of Civilization and the Canadian War Museum are holding a public consultation seeking information on the following questions:

– What would you put in your national history museum?

– What stories would you tell?

– How would you reach Canadians across the country?

Those in attendance might also ask a few questions of their own, such as:

– What’s the point of changing the mandate of the Canadian Museum of Civilization, the most popular tourist attraction in the Ottawa Gatineau area, while starving other cultural institutions such as the LAC and Parks Canada?

– How is it that Canadian Heritage found $25 million for this project when it has cancelled other very successful and cross Canadian initiatives which cost much less and were very effective, such as the NADP ($1.7 million) and interlibrary loans from LAC, not to mention serious cuts to the CBC and the NAC. Let’s not also forget the nearly $30 million that has been devoted to the Conservative government’s pet history project, the war of 1812.

To start things off.

Although one wonders how successful this consultation effort will be considering that Don Butler of the Ottawa Citizen has reported indifference on the part of museum visitors when the public consultations launched in the museum itself in mid-October. It seems more than likely that this oblivion is a result of the fact that Canadians love this museum the way it is today. But James Moore seems to think differently. Not that he has much support anymore as Heritage Minister, other than from his own party.

If you’d like to attend this session, RSVP online at

If you can’t make it in person, you can take the online public engagement survey.


See also  today’s article in the Winnipeg Free Press by James, “History is Not a Plaything.”

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