U of Saskatchewan Library Staff Hit Hardest in Budget Cuts

Published in the Leader Post
The University of Saskatchewan’s payroll has been trimmed by $2.4 million in recent weeks after dozens of jobs were eliminated, but a top official is warning of much deeper cuts in the near future.

The U of S faces an annual $44.5 million operating shortfall by 2016 unless changes are made.

“Every administrative and academic unit on campus will participate in workforce planning and most will have to reduce their workforce this year,” U of S associate vice-president of human resources Barb Daigle wrote in an email to staff and students last week. “The university requires immediate savings as well as long-term savings to meet the current and projected budget challenges.”

In the email, Daigle outlined details of the 50 jobs that have been lost to this point.

Library staff have been the hardest hit so far, with 12 positions eliminated. There were seven jobs lost in consumer services, six in student and enrolment services, five in the Edwards School of Business, three in the college of law, and one or two in a number of other areas.

Provincial government grants provide the bulk of operating funds for the U of S and most Canadian universities. The U of S had received record annual increases of several per cent in recent years. The provincial government recently informed the U of S increases would now be in range of two per cent.

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