Heritage Critics Weigh in on LAC’s Code of Conduct

Thanks to Lara Wilson, Chair, Canadian Council of Archives, for sharing the message below. The author is Pierre Nantel, NDP Heritage Critic.

The latest revelations about Library and Archive Canada’s new “Code of Conduct,” imposed by its Conservative-nominated management, are deeply disturbing.

Library and Archives’ government-appointed management now demands that the librarians, archivists and historians who work at Canada’s publicly funded archival institution must demonstrate “loyalty to the government and its elected officials”, which extends “beyond the workplace to personal activities.” LAC librarians and archivists are no longer allowed to represent their institution at conferences and elsewhere, and are banned from speaking on any subject related to LAC’s activities.

My colleague Andrew Cash and I asked the Minister of Canadian Heritage about this in the House of Commons today. The questions and answer video is here:http://youtu.be/BlEYlzwvJXg

In summary: Minister Moore appointed Library and Archive’s management, which is now demanding “loyalty” to the government’s “elected officials.” This isn’t just mismanagement – it’s another step in the dismantling of this institution.

We say enough. The gutting of Canada’s Library and Archives has to stop.

Please spread this message to those you know who are worried about the future of our national institutions responsible for preserving Canadian history. Send us an email at pierre.nantel@parl.gc.ca<mailto:pierre.nantel@parl.gc.ca> to get in touch and share your concerns on this issue. We’d like to hear from you.

Best regards,

Pierre Nantel

Député de Longueuil–Pierre-Boucher   |   MP
Porte-parole de l’opposition officielle en matière de Patrimoine  |  Official Opposition Critic for Heritage
Nouveau Parti démocratique  |  New Democratic Party

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2 thoughts on “Heritage Critics Weigh in on LAC’s Code of Conduct

  1. There’s absolutely no justification for being so suspicious on LAC staff who’re innocuous professionals. This Code of Conduct is bound to dampen their spirit affecting their productivity. Their knowledge & experience must be utilized for the dissemination of vast information in various formats under their custody. This code is based on unnecessary paranoia and must be withdrawn.

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