There will be a Board of Directors Meeting on April 2nd 2013. Changes to our constitutions and by-laws will be presented. If passed at the BoD, these will go before the General Assembly.


Jennifer Dekker is in the process or having individual meetings with every unit in the library during late January and early February 2013 to explain the APUO bargaining positions, discuss the Strike and Mobilization effort, and invite you to several social events organized by the APUO.

Thanks to members who have already initiated times and dates for the meetings. For all others, please get in touch with Jennifer ASAP.

Furthermore, there will be a General Assembly early in February where APUO members will vote on the slate of issues that APUO will bring to the negotiations table. Please go to this meeting to ensure that your voice is heard and your vote counted. APUO is a democratic organization that counts on the participation of its members and this is crucial during a time of collective bargaining.


There will be a meeting of APUO librarians on December 5th at 10:00-11:39 in the Boardroom of 170 Waller (APUO HQ). We will be discussing upcoming collective bargaining. Come one, come all.

Update on the December 5th Meeting:

Thank you to our 15 librarian members who came to the meeting, which lasted longer than we expected. We had a very good discussion of issues identified in the APUO survey and of concerns that are specific to librarian members, keeping in mind that we are all part of the big APUO group. The major themes that emerged from the meeting for me were:

  • Members want greater transparency throughout the library, especially with respect to:- workload;
    – the librarian complement;
    – the distribution of subject or areas of professional practice;
    – selection committees;
    – who is hired.
  • Members want greater access to democratic decision-making in all areas.

Specific problem areas are: evaluations, hours of work, time for scholarly activities, access to childcare, access to reduced workload without suffering negative career implications, access to more time away from work as a counterbalance to overwork, workload distribution (amount and type), APUO members evaluating each other when the university now has 6 excluded librarians who are fully capable of performing this function and were excluded “for the purposes of staff relations,” composition and procedures of selection committees, negative decisions against members who take the various forms of leave, access to levels of appeal of employer decisions, the creation of positions that are seen as “niche” while neglecting core functions, the need for more librarian members on staff, how to review positions after they’ve been created, the stress of having to make the “top 5 research universities” without having the staff to do so.

The problems are many, but the group was creative and willing to discuss it all. Thanks to everyone for making this a great starting off point for negotiations. If I missed anything, please let me know!!

Jennifer Dekker


Regular General Meeting, October 31, 11:30 – 2:30 [TBT 112]

This is an important meeting. We will be discussing changes to APUO’s Constitution and By-Laws.


The Collective Agreement Reading Group

The group has concluded its business for the 2012 Summer edition. Many thanks to the great turnout and everyone’s interest. Thanks as well to Julie Lavigne and Ann Hemingway, your APUO library representatives, who chaired several meetings.


There was a meeting of librarians on April 30 11:00.

Thank you to the 26 librarians who came! That was a great showing for a meeting that was organized very quickly.

Ann Heminway presented a full summary of what has happened during collective bargaining, 2011 – current.

Cameron Metcalf spoke about the proposed Defence / Strike fund that will go before the general assembly in Fall 2012.

Jennifer Dekker updated members on an Association grievance filed May 16, 2011. This concerned an increase in parking fees and a lack of salary adjustments. Also note that there will be no PTR or salary adjustments paid to members on May 1st, 2012.



vendredi, 27 avril 2012 12 h

auditorium des anciens – Centre universitaire
un buffet sera servi de 11 h 45 à 12 h


approbation de l’ordre du jour

procès-verbal de la dernière réunion

affaires découlant du procès-verbal

rapport du président

élection des dirigeants

élection des membres du Comité des mises en candidature et élections

négociation collective

autres affaires


There will be a meeting of APUO librarians on March 1st, 2012 from 9:30-10:45 a.m. in MRT 153.


  • Collective bargaining (30 minutes)
  • APUO Executive perspective on collective bargaining (15 minutes)
  • Open floor discussion
  • Future meetings

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