Correction to Library Council

At the January 25th 2012 edition of Library Council, incorrect information regarding traveling outside of North American was given. It was stated that the collective agreement does not apply to travel outside of North America.

After a brief discussion with staff at the APUO and after reading article 36, I can confirm that what was said in council this morning is incorrect.

Article 36, “Travel,” covers all travel of persons on University of Ottawa business, regardless of location. The one caveat regarding reimbursement of expenses occurs in section which states that “For travel outside Canada and the United States the actual cost of meals and incidentals shall be claimed. Such claims shall be substantiated where possible by vouchers and shall not be unreasonable.”

Therefore, the per diem amount is not claimed for travel outside of North America. Rather, actual expenses for meals and incidentals are claimed and should be substantiated by receipts where possible.

For reference, see pages 246 – 250 in the Collective Agreement.