Contract Librarians

Temporary staffing in the library can fall into several categories:

Interim appointment

To be an interim appointment, one has to be a librarian already employed at the University of Ottawa. The term of the interim appointment cannot be less than 20 working days nor more than 12 months. An interim position may be proposed by the University librarian to a librarian member without going through a formal process fas long as the appointment is a maximum length of 3 months. If the interim position is going to last more than 3 months, the position must be posted and a formal appointment process follows. If you are offered or appointed to an interim position AND you retain some of your previous duties, then your salary shall be increased accordingly. If you are offered or appointed to an interim position AND you retrain the duties of your usual position, your salary will be increased by 1 PTR for the duration of the interim appointment. See articles under for more detail.

Replacement librarian

A position may be filled on a temporary basis by a replacement librarian when a librarian on leave or assigned to other duties must be replaced, or when a regular position must be filled temporarily, or for any other reason, it being understood that a regular position shall not be filled by replacement librarians for more than 6 months. Other details to remember:The appointment of a replacement librarian may not be renewed more than once; regardless of the length of the initial appointment, a renewal shall be for a period of not less than 3 and not more than 12 months.A replacement librarian shall be a member of the bargaining unit, unless her workload is less than 50% of the normal workload of a librarian with a regular appointment or she’s excluded from the bargaining unit.

In case a a replacement librarian is offered a regular position, the experience acquired as a replacement librarian is recognized as professional experience, and the experience thus acquired during the 12 months immediately preceding the preliminary appointment shall be included in the portion of the preliminary appointment which exceeds 12 months. See for more detail.

Visiting librarian

If you are a Visiting librarian, you  must have been hired to carry out a special project requiring specific qualifications that cannot be taken on by librarian members of the bargaining unit, or you are part of a personnel exchange with another university or organization. Visiting librarians are not members of APUO, and their appointments cannot be more than 12 months. See for more information.

Part-time librarian

Any qualified person may be appointed as a part-time librarian for the purpose of meeting a temporary need for increased librarian services. For each 12-month period, beginning with the first contract in that academic year, the total period of employment for each part-time librarian shall not exceed 4 months within each 6-month period. There shall be no limits on the number of reappointments. The proportion of part-time librarians shall not be more than 10% of the complement of full-time librarians holding a regular position at any one time.

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