UPDATE March 8, 2012

Comme vous le savez probablement, l’employeur a récemment débuté les remboursements associés au RDP de l’année 2011. Malheureusement, il semble que l’employeur ait unilatéralement décidé de refuser certaines catégories de dépenses (incluant les per diem) que l’APUO ainsi que plusieurs membres considèrent valides et admissibles. Nous avons tenté de régler ce problème à l’amiable à multiples reprises sans succès et passons maintenant à la démarche formelle en déposant un grief d’association.

Si vous ou une de vos collègues avez vécu une telle situation, nous vous demandons de nous envoyer toute l’information pertinente que vous avez concernant cette situation (copie de votre réclamation, copies des factures, copie de l’information reçue concernant votre réclamation, etc.).

As you probably know, the employer has recently started reimbursing PER funds for 2011. Unfortunately, it seems that the employer has unilaterally decided to reject certain categories of expenses (including per diems) that the APUO and many members consider valid and eligible. We have tried, unsuccessfully, on numerous occasions to amicably resolve this issue, and are now moving into the formal mode  of resolution and considering filing an Association Grievance.

If you or one of your colleagues has been denied a PER reimbursement, we would request that you send us all of the appropriate details (copy of your claim, copies of your receipts, copy of the employer’s response explaining the situation, etc.)

Please send any documentation to Julie Lavigne or Jennifer Dekker. They are packaging librarians’ issues together to send to the APUO.


APUO members may apply for a professional expenses reimbursement (PER) when such expenses are incurred in carrying out employment duties or in the acquisition of supplies and equipment related to the performance of these duties. Available amounts are as follows:

  • $1,625 for the period of January 1 2011 to December 31 2011
  • $540 for the period of January 1 2012 to April 30 2012

Le nouveau formulaire RDP est maintenant disponible en ligne. Pour toutes questions que vous aurez à ce sujet, veuillez envoyer un courriel au

The new PER form is now available online. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please send an email to:

Alternatively, you can contact APUO regarding PER questions.


Some APUO members have already contacted either the university or the APUO with questions regarding the changes to the PER. Here are some of the questions we’ve asked and their responses.

Q:  Who is the financial agent and why does the form require a signature from the financial agent if we are to send it directly to the office in TBT?

A: The financial agent is the one who will process your reimbursement request in TBT.

(In other words, there is no need to send PER forms to anyone in the library).

Q: The following message was sent by the financial officer at the library, “À noter que le 30 juin 2012 est la date limite pour soumettre une demande de remboursement pour les dépenses encourrues avant le 1er mai 2012.”

Is this true? I was under the impression that if I incurred expenses beyond the amount for 2011-2012 (including the additional $540.00) that I could carry them over to the 2012-2013 year.

A: Outstanding amounts may be carried forward for 3 years, so you have until 30 June 2014 to submit receipts from 2011, until 30 June 2015 to submit receipt from 2012 and so on. That being said, the deadline doesn’t really apply this year but it will start being effective 30 June 2014.

Q: Why was I not reimbursed for meal expenses while at a conference?

A: In order to be reimburse, APUO members need to keep receipts for all meals and sundries. If you have receipts, you will be reimbursed, but no receipts = no money.

Q: Why was I not reimbursed for the full amount of my claim?

A: When a member is reimbursed, there is no financial statement indicating what was reimbursed or why. Members have asked this question and so far, the most logical reasons are given below.

– If a member does not present a boarding pass for a flight, that flight may not be reimbursed.

– If  member claims for a professional membership, that membership will not be reimbursed in advance. Therefore, if you buy a membership in January 2012 to cover the period January 2012 – Dec. 2012, you will not be fully reimbursed for the cost until after the membership is expired. Why? Because the PER cannot cover anticipated costs. It can only cover costs for items that have already been spent.

Q: Are members reimbursed the HST amounts on receipts?

A: Yes.

Q: How can we track what expenses were reimbursed and which were not?

A: The PER reimbursements will be available in the university’s financial system, FAST, soon. When? Soon.

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