Salary, PTR, and Benefits

Although it might seem backward to librarians unaccustomed to working in a unionized workplace, the APUO is the only agent that can negotiate your salary on your behalf, aside from when you receive your offer of employment. It is extremely important that you negotiate a fair and adequate salary at the time of your being hired, as this will affect your compensation for the duration of your employment at uOttawa.

All matters related to Salary are in Article 41 of the Collective Agreement. All matters related to Benefits are in Article 40.

All scale adjustments and PTR payments are made on May 1st, unless otherwise agreed to by the APUO and the University of Ottawa.

The salary scales for librarians for 2012-2016 are in Section 41.2 (pages 307-314) in the collective agreement.

Health Benefits

HR Guide to APUO benefits

Health Care Spending Account – The uOttawa extended health benefit does not cover everything. In fact, it leaves a lot out. If you want to pay for a health care cost that is not covered (or if you’ve already spent the amount that was allocated) you can have up to $244.00 per year to spend on expenses not covered by the plan.

Dental Insurance

Access to sports facilities
In 2007, there were some modifications made to Articles 40 & 41:

Modifications apportées aux articles
40 et 41 à compter du 1 mai 2007
Amendments to articles
40 and 41 effective 1 May 2007
Assurance de santé supplémentaire Supplementary health insurance
Invalidité prolongée (section 40.2) Long-term disability (section 40.2)
Stationnement et transport (section 40.8) Parking and transportation (section 40.8)
Compte de dépenses à la retraite pour soins de santé (section 40.10) Health Care Spending Account on Retirement (section 40.10)
Cédule de l’Ontario Dental Association (section 40.11) Ontario Dental Association schedule (section 40.11)
Compte de dépenses pour soins de santé (section 40.12) Health Care Spending Account (section 40.12)
Rémunération (article 41) Compensation (article 41)
Échelles salariales 2007-2008 2007-2008 Salary scales
Progrès dans le rang 2007-2008 2007-2008 Progress-through-the-ranks

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