Rise with the Ranks Workshop

The Edmonton chapter of the Progressive Librarians Guild (PLG) is hosting a
two-day workshop in Edmonton on July 20 and 21 entitled the Rise with the
Ranks Workshop.

The Rise with the Ranks Workshop is predicated on the principle that
library and information workers should not strive to rise from the ranks
but rather rise with the ranks, to paraphrase Eugene Debs.  We believe that
cooperative, non-hierarchical methods of organization are essential to the
social justice ideals embraced by our profession.  Therefore, the purpose
of the Rise with the Ranks Workshop is to:

  • provide a counter to hierarchical, business models of management within the library and information industry;
  • equip participants with the skills and tools needed to affect meaningful change within the industry and wider society;
  • foster a specific worker identity among library and information workers;
  • build a workers’ movement within the library and information industry based on collaboration and solidarity; and
  • encourage the growth of self-management, egalitarianism, and worker empowerment within the library and information industry.

The workshop will consist of skill-share sessions, discussions, training sessions, and more.  For the full program description, please visit

The workshop is being offered free of charge.  However, space is limited so the Edmonton PLG invites all interested information workers to apply for
admission at http://plgedmonton.ca/?page_id=11

Please note that the deadline for registration is *June 21, 2013.*

PLG Edmonton online:

Progressive Librarians Guild (PLG) Edmonton October Symposium

Abstracts are available for PLG Edmonton’s October Symposium to be held on Saturday, October 20th, 2012.

The Keynote will be delivered by Toni Samek, Professor at the University of Alberta’s School of Library and Information Studies.

Titles of sessions include:

  • Special Collections in the Pride Library (UWO):  The Closet Collection and the Queer Graphica Collection
  • threeSOURCE: A Research and Resource Hub for Alberta’s Third Sector
  • Un(der)mined Potential? Library Partnerships and Immigrant Women
  • Neurodiversity in LIS Theory & Practice
  • The Allure and Danger of Innovation Rhetoric for Libraries
  • Digital labour and librarianship