Interview with John Chrastka of EveryLibrary

Perhaps some of you have read about EveryLibrary, a Political Action Committee (or PAC) in the US which is being spearheaded by a former ALA director, John Chrastka. The innovative idea, announced a few weeks ago, will assist libraries in articulating their needs and building support for libraries in political referenda (something we don’t have in Canada) and other direct voting scenarios. In the US, the voting public has far more opportunity to vote directly on issues, such as the building of a new library, for example, apart from general elections where one votes for a political candidate. EveryLibrary will be an advocate for libraries on the ballot and will build voter support for issues related to libraries, including staffing, services, buildings, you name it. See the website and read the interview.

Question: Is it time to form a PAC for libraries in Canada?